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How Klotho works

klotho applies static analysis to create an adaptive architecture based on in-code annotations it introduces.

It also produces the files needed to deploy, run and operate the application in your cloud of choice.

Deploy to the cloud with five simple capabilities

Klotho capabilities give your applications cloud powers that are compatible with the same web frameworks, ORMs, database clients and CI/CD stack you already use and love.

expose web frameworks to the internet

persist data to datastores

explore more:  expose  –  persist  –  exec_unit  –  pubsub  –  static_unit

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The next-gen cloud native toolbox

Change architectures in minutes, not weeks

Klotho allows you reshape your applications’ architecture without impacting your application logic. Split up your application into smaller services in minutes, and combine them just as easily.

Swap technologies seamlessly

Don’t worry about picking the perfect cloud technology ahead of time. They’re interchangeable with Klotho: AWS Lambda, Fargate, Kubernetes, gRPC, Linkerd, Azure/GCP – and many more. Change one line of configuration to switch technologies, and Klotho will adapt your architecture.

Build cloud applications with 4 simple capabilities

You already know how to use Klotho if you know how to use web frameworks, function calls, events, database clients or ORMS. Expose APIs to the Internet, Persist data to a database, build event driven applications with Pubsub and delineate service boundaries with Exec Units.

Security at the core

Klotho understands your cloud dependencies and automatically applies least privilege permissions to those that depend on each other.

Turbocharge infrastructure-as-code adoption

Klotho creates or updates the infrastructure-as-code that drives your application every time you run it. Roll back safely by having an immutable infrastructure snapshot at every stage.

Add to your existing infrastructure

Klotho’s output can be added to your existing infrastructure-as-code and configured the same way. Whenever a feature is missing, add custom infrastructure-as-code as you would today.

Your code is the spec

Klotho makes plain code cloud-native with no overhead, specifications, SDKs or magic servers. Overriding its settings and choices is done centrally, and respected over time. We combine compilers, distributed systems, and constraint-based planning to create the cloud architecture of the next 10 years.

Use only the tools you need

Klotho is a modular suite for modern cloud development. Pick one or more capabilities according to your needs. Use Klotho to create secure APIs or event driven flows, persist data, split an application into multiple services and generate reproducible environments.

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