Klotho v0.5.17 Released

The 0.5.x releases have some of the larger features we’ve been working on for a while now. Most importantly:

Python support

Python is now a first-class language you can build Klotho powered applications with. This release has the expose capability and initial persist support. You can get started using our new Python tutorial.

Static web site support

Klotho now has first-class support for static web sites using the new embed_assets capability, opening up many more static workloads in minutes. Here’s the API reference page and a ready-to-use sample app.

Redis cluster support

The persist capability now supports Redis Clusters backed by MemDB. Using it is as easy as annotating a local instance of the redis client. Here’s an example from Typescript:

Get Started

We removed steps in the getting started tutorial, and it’s now even easier to get started. Start out here. Enjoy all the new features!

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