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Embed Assets


Embed Assets provides the ability to explicitly include files into specific execution units.

For any execution unit, which contains an embed assets annotation, the input files which match the include patterns, of that annotation, will be added to the execution units files.


idstring(Required) The name of the embeded assets annotation.
includestring[](Optional) Files to include within the execution unit. Glob patterns (* and **) are supported.
excludestring[](Optional) Files to exclude from the execution unit. Glob patterns (* and **) are supported.

The exclude directive takes precedence over the include directive. If a file matches both the include and exclude patterns, it will be excluded from the execution unit.

All paths specified in the include and exclude directive must be an absolute path, from the klotho compilation root, or a relative path from the file where the annotation lives.


Embed assets is not able to be configured within the Klotho configuration, since it does not produce any cloud resources and are purely additive to execution units.