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Klotho Pro

Our open-source version of Klotho can be found on GitHub. It is licensed under Apache-2 and regularly receives updates and new features. Klotho Pro is a separate, closed-source version of Klotho that builds on the open-source version. It includes additional features like the ability to divide a single application into multiple units and customize communication between them for different types of workflows.

Switching between the two versions

We publish the open binaries on the github projects release page. We already provide automatic updating of versions by running klotho --update. By default, this will update to the latest version of the release stream you’re currently using. If you’d like to change streams, you can use the following command:

klotho --set-option --update

Or, to pin to a specific version:

klotho --set-option --update

This allows you to pin on a specific version for 100% repeatable builds. Allowable options for stream are:

open:<specific version of stream>
pro:<specific version of stream>

To check your version, you can use:

klotho --version

This will append (pro) if you’re on the pro version. You may also use curl to download these versions. Using the Mac download as an example, this will download pro version v0.6.1:

curl -fsSL "$(uname -m)?stream=pro:v0.6.1" -o klotho

Note that downloading a specific version in this way will not pin it, so you will still get notifications for new versions. To suppress those notifications, pin the version using klotho --set-option

Older versions

If you’re using version v0.5.x or earlier of Klotho, updating will automatically get you the latest pro version, then you may set your stream accordingly if you wish to change to a specific version or the open version. If you were using pro features and wish to continue using them, no action is necessary.