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Why Klotho?

Klotho allows you to quickly and reliably add cloud functionality to your application with minimal modification to your code. In many cases, this is just a handful of klotho annotations.

With Klotho, you can create cloud applications, support event-driven workloads and architectures, leverage machine-learning models, and expose web APIs. Support demanding performance requirements like compute, latency, and reliability while optimizing for cost.

Our product is centered around a few key design principles:

  • maintain benefits from existing architectures
  • keep existing tools and programming languages usable
  • integrate with an ecosystem instead of trying to replace it
  • ensure user code is recognizable, debuggable, and patchable–even in production

When you write a Klotho app, it should not be significantly different compared to writing a local version of the same app. Klotho ensures that as new architectures and patterns are discovered in the future, your application can adapt to meet new requirements and take advantage of new technologies without modifying your code.


Klotho offers a number of benefits today and will evolve to support more use-cases in the future. It provides:

  • Quick development loop including shipping code to the cloud
  • Separation of concerns between developers and devops/infra
  • Go from 0 to cloud in minutes rather than hours, days, and weeks
  • Adapt your architecture to both known and (currently) unknown requirements
  • Future automated optimization of your infra for cost, performance, complexity and more

Klotho Architecture