Remedy Technology is a group of media and music industry professionals working closely with a team of talented engineers to create a new multimedia product that combines audio and video experiences. With a team of industry veterans who have spent decades serving artists and writers, the Remedy team wanted tooling that would actively support their specific software development goals. 

“With Klotho, the Remedy team doesn’t need to have the entire team of engineers trained on every detail of a Cloud provider”
Alex Mitchell
Senior Software Engineer, Remedy Technology

From bias for convention to DRY, Klotho matched Remedy’s infrastructure as code philosophies. And even more importantly, Klotho gave the experienced engineer leaders the freedom and flexibility to implement healthy patterns quickly and with confidence. 

With the daunting task of rewriting 13 microservices in four languages across two cloud providers, the Remedy engineers knew they needed to create solutions that would last. With Klotho, they were able to construct a stable single serverless service that could be broken into smaller components if necessary, while strictly keeping to a high quality developer experience and healthy code patterns.

Clear benefits to your stack in just 15 minutes

One of the most exciting qualities of Klotho is the ease of onboarding. Instead of needing to understand the entire surface of a tool like Pulumi–and even without much knowledge of Klotho–a team can focus on the few basic components they need to get started quickly. 

The Remedy team wanted to use Klotho for deployment structures to be concise and clear when it came to what was being deployed and how. They were able to leverage Klotho’s opinionated approach to reasonable standards to avoid having to assert a litany of properties alongside a component just to get it going. With this real-time job aid, developers could speed up onboarding by making conventional assumptions.

“Klotho was made for responsible, thoughtful developers. ”

While other Cloud-native solutions required a large number of specific processes that would drag out the onboarding experience and waste precious engineering hours, Klotho allowed Remedy engineers to run things locally and quickly build confidence in their Cloud deployments without needing multiple separate local processes.

The Remedy team encourages looking into using Klotho with accessible and well-known systems like API gateways, buckets, and databases. “Anyone can get started in 15 minutes and immediately realize the benefits Klotho can bring to your entire stack.”

Auditable, observable, repeatable

With Klotho’s inline code annotations, a simple glance at the code provides a transparent representation of deployment tasks within the actual context of the functionality. 

“Repeatability is where Klotho shines.”

While handling the deployment of their Pulumi stack, the Remedy team was able to build confidence in their annotations due to Klotho’s repeatability and stability. By bringing the abstractions of other frameworks into something repeatedly useful, they get functional and material access to those abstractions.

The rare combination of flexibility and confidence while testing out new strategies and tools allowed Remedy to achieve their infrastructure as code tenets without having to spend valuable time and resources writing all the Cloud builds on their own. With the ability to audit and view outputs, and with the help of the declarations along the way, the Remedy team has more confidence in what’s being generated: “We’re never too far abstracted from the end result.”

With Klotho, the Remedy team was able to build a more stable, healthy product in a third of the time. 

“It would’ve taken significantly more development time and additional DevOps support to
reach the same level of repeatability, observability, and confidence. “
Alex Mitchell
Senior Software Engineer, Remedy Technology

Productive on day one

When someone joins an engineering team using Klotho, they can be productive within days rather than the traditional weeks or months. Klotho allows developers to clearly see how stacks are set up, and the specific implementation details of microservice frameworks.

“We’ve used this opportunity to improve our developer experience.”

With Klotho, the Remedy team doesn’t need to have the entire team of engineers trained on every detail of a Cloud provider. Instead, they can leverage a small number of highly trained Cloud service engineers, allowing the engineers who write application services to spend their time writing better services and features faster.

And with the additional prompt of correctness and formatting, the Remedy engineers have improved their capacity to find and fix problems in their own logic. Which means more space for DevOps and code hygiene tools to provide the best foundation for the future of their services. 

About Remedy Technology:

Remedy allows music artists to upload official music videos and replace the audio track with music provided from listeners’ premium music subscription services, like Spotify or Apple Music; this increases the chance they’ll top the charts and video content revenue by up to 8x. Remedy is always looking for new partners in the music, media, and technology spaces; visit for more information.

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