User Intent Extraction: Our Journey with Infra and LLMs

I’ll walk through our experiences using Large Language Models (LLMs) for user intent extraction. By this, I mean taking plain English queries and interpreting their semantic meaning in terms of cloud architecture. I’ll describe what led us to explore LLMs as an interface for cloud architectures, why our approach is different from other LLM cloud architecture products, and what lessons we learned along the way.

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2023 Report: If Platform Engineering is so great, why isn’t it?

Several reports have painted an overwhelmingly optimistic portrait of platform engineering. They portray it as a remedy to solve all efficiency challenges. However, the on-the-ground reality often proves far more nuanced. In this post, we will closely analyze findings from the State of Platform Engineering 2023 Report to highlight inconsistencies between the surveys’ rosy outlook and real-world complexity. 

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The Evolution of Cloud, Infrastructure, and Platform Engineering Organizations

Modern backend systems have reached a level of complexity that organizations struggle to wield. Many find themselves in a constant cycle of hiring, reorganization and reprioritization in order to better align themselves with that complexity.

Simplicity won’t be found at the end of the infrastructure-platform journey, instead it reaches an incremental yet cyclical steady-state of streamlined complexity. Breaking the cycle requires a paradigm shift in how cloud development is approached.

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State of Infrastructure-from-Code 2023

Infrastructure-from-Code (IfC) is a new way of thinking about cloud infrastructure, and represents the next step in a line of innovations that makes spinning up infrastructure easier and more seamless for developers…

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Closed Beta Release

Klotho is a new development model that enables anyone—from large-scale organizations and teams to hobby developers—to write and operate cloud applications at a fraction of the effort…

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The Ultimate Guide to Everything As Code

It’s becoming more and more popular to manage and operate everything in code, whether it’s infrastructure, configuration, security, policies, pipelines, operations, compliance or even documentation…

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Serverless vs. Microservices: Two Sides of the Same Coin

TLDR; If you really boil it down, Serverless (FaaS) setups are Microservices. What most blog posts refer to as Serverless vs. Microservices isn’t a “vs” at all; they are typically just describing trade-offs between always-on or on-demand provisioning of compute resources and the specific provider ecosystems you could use. An

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The Cloud Architecture of the Next 10 Years – Part 2

Hi, Aaron here! In our last article, we spoke about ideal design principles for the upcoming architectural shift in the world of cloud computing. Cloud development has become prohibitively complex, and the current generation of solutions have low-level interfaces that require extensive investment from developers and operators to understand how

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The Cloud Architecture of the Next 10 Years

It’s 3pm PST on June 2nd, 2020 and the world is watching. Riot’s new game VALORANT is about to launch. Hundreds of engineers, architects, operators, product managers, designers, and PR folks are standing by. Any large-scale all-at-once launch is nerve-wracking, but our infrastructure team of around 120 people is ready.

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