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Get Started with Klotho

Welcome to the Klotho getting started section! Klotho is a new development model that enables anyone, from large-scale organizations and teams to hobby developers, to write and operate cloud applications at a fraction of the effort. It consists of:

  • Klotho Client: A CLI tool for taking code with Klotho annotations and producing minimally modified code and corresponding IaC on the other side

For a more detailed breakdown of what problems Klotho solves, and why it's built to make you more productive, see the Why Klotho section.

Your First Klotho App

If your are new to Klotho, this tutorial helps you install Klotho, compile, and deploy your first application. Choose your Getting Started language:

Create a REST or GraphQL API

Create a cloud-ready GraphQL application using GraphQL Yoga.

Add a Database

Build a cloud-ready REST API using NestJS and Sequelize.

Split One Service into Many

Take a Klotho-annotated Express.js application and expand on it by adding a new service and route.

More Tutorials

We support a number of cloud-first use cases including:


Get help and ideas from our thriving community on Discord and GitHub.