Closed Beta Release

Introducing Klotho

Klotho is a new development model that enables anyone—from large-scale organizations and teams to hobby developers—to write and operate cloud applications at a fraction of the effort. Klotho provides all the benefits and capabilities of monolith, microservice, and serverless architectures while making it simple to create, combine, and migrate between these architectures without modifying your code. 

With Klotho, you can create cloud applications, support event-driven workloads and architectures, leverage machine-learning models, and expose web APIs. Support demanding performance requirements like compute, latency, and reliability while optimizing for cost. 

Our product is centered around a few key design principles:

  • maintain benefits from existing architectures
  • keep existing tools and programming languages usable 
  • integrate with an ecosystem instead of trying to replace it
  • ensure user code is recognizable, debuggable, and patchable–even in production

With our closed beta, we’re inviting you to get an early look at Klotho’s latest features, with the ability to help shape our future.

Announcing Closed Beta

We’re happy to announce that closed beta registration is now open.

Be productive from day 1. Join our closed beta and explore Klotho, and see how we’ve focused on creating an efficient developer experience and a flexible operator workflow. If you’d like to learn more about how Klotho can work for you, please take a look at some of our guides below.

We’re excited to build something together.

If you’re not ready just yet, join our waitlist to hear about our open beta coming later this year.

Additional Resources

Here are some links to additional resources:

A Peek At What’s Coming Next

Our next phase, the open beta, will mark a critical milestone in our development as we open-source Klotho’s core. Keep an eye on the Klotho repo to submit bugs/issues and monitor our progress. We’ll be introducing support for additional languages and cloud providers, along with several experimental VSCode extensions for syntax highlighting and annotation snippets.

We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks! If you’d like to reach out we’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord.

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