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Execution Unit

Execution Unit's configuration will be denoted by the static_unit section in the klotho configuration file.

Each static unit has a configuration containing the following:

typestring(Optional) The type of service used to host the execution unit.
network_placementstring(Optional) The type of subnet the execution unit should reside in. Valid options are private and public. (default = private)
environment_variablesMap<string, string>(Optional) A Map of key-value pairs, containing additional environment variables for the execution unit.
pulumi_paramsObject(Optional) The parameters used to configure the pulumi iac.
helm_chart_optionsObject(Optional) The parameters used to configure the pulumi iac.


The type specifies the location, where the static unit will be hosted. Type is provider specific. The following are valid types for static units.

  • lambda
  • ecs
  • eks

Pulumi Params

The pulumi_params field is dependent on the type specified for the static unit. To see a more detailed view of what can be specified, go to the page for the corresponding type.

Helm Chart Options

Helm options are intended to configure your execution unit to be deployed to your cluster as a helm chart.

By setting the install field to true, klotho will generate the proper manifests into the compiled/charts/ directory under the following chart name specified in the corresponding Chart.yaml file.

installbool(Optional) Whether or not helm will be used to install the execution unit.
directorystring(Optional) The directory where the helm chart exists.
values_filesstring[](Optional) The list of values files to be used when rendering the helm chart.

To understand how directory and values_file are derived by klotho if not set, read our helm about.